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Happiness at work means different things to all of us but there are universal factors that affect employee happiness. One of these is FEELING APPRECIATED. Here are some low cost options for how you can show your appreciation to your employees on Employee Appreciation Day this Friday 6 March.

1. PROVIDE POSITIVE FEEDBACK Take the time to write a brief but sincere ‘good job’ note. This can go a long way towards making an employee feel valued.

2. OFFER ADDITIONAL TIME OFF 66% of UK office workers would accept a pay cut in exchange for more leave. Consider offering additional leave or an early finish this Employee Appreciation Day.

3. OFFICE CELEBRATIONS Consider hosting a thank you lunch or incorporate food into a meeting to provide a relaxing, team orientated perk your employees will appreciate.

4. AWARD THEM Nominate your staff for external or internal awards. Simply making your own effort to recognise your employees’ work is sure to be appreciated and boost morale.

Ideas like the above won't break the bank and will establish a positive working environment with loyal and happy employees. Don't just show appreciation for your employees one day a year. Continue this approach throughout 2020 by prioritising your workplace culture. Business leaders are prioritising workplace culture improvements and have identified their top 5 priority areas for 2020*:

  • 43% Encouraging team communication and collaboration
  • 40% Offering mentorship, training and development programmes
  • 37% Deploying new technologies
  • 35% Offering flexible and/or remote working options
  • 34% Setting clear goals and rewards for employees

*Multiple responses permitted. Source: Independent research commissioned by Robert Half during October 2019 with 2002 business leaders across the world. For more information, visit