Elearning Platform Development


Change requested

Develop a next-generation e-learning platform based on leading frameworks and methodologies.

Change envisioned

Introduce proven processes to help drive team collaboration and software development and delivery.

Change achieved

Reduced costs by transitioning from the client’s legacy system; enhanced revenue by improving the user experience for customers.

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When a business-critical digital project is heading toward failure, asking a skilled team to quickly determine why can lead to a much-needed course correction — with game-changing results.

That’s what happened when a global consulting and leadership training specialist asked Protiviti, a consulting subsidiary of Robert Half, to assess the state of the new learning-management system they were developing — and help deliver the minimum viable product (MVP).

The organization’s e-learning platform provides access to educational resources, including courses and tools. They strove to modernize their Software as a Service (SaaS) business to more effectively deliver content to customers, but had underestimated the role it played in software delivery and ownership.

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Strategy and Solutions

Upon review of the product being developed, our Protiviti team found that the e-learning platform needed both a strong coding methodology and a project management governance framework. In response, the training company turned to Managed Technology Solutions for help in resolving the identified issues and completing the project.

Through Managed Technology Solutions, Protiviti and Robert Half helped the company on multiple fronts:

  • Secured highly skilled professionals with technical expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, and other specialized programming languages and platforms to support every project phase
  • Developed a next-generation version of the client’s e-learning platform and completed the MVP for release
  • Enhanced the features and capabilities of the new, more efficient and cost-effective platform beyond that of the client’s costly legacy system.

Additionally, Robert Half and Protiviti taught the leadership training company a working Agile and Scrum methodology for managing future software development. The business quickly adopted this improved process and is applying it in the continual optimization and delivery of its software.

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With our help, the company is taking ownership of its learning management platform — a centerpiece of its business — and aligning the resources and capabilities they need to manage this critical digital asset for the long term.

An intense development period by the Robert Half and Protiviti teams brought the e-learning platform to optimal functionality and stability. We are now helping the company’s expanding in-house team create new features and address issues as they arise. In many ways, Managed Technology Solutions served as the company’s primary development engine while helping the business transition to full ownership of its most critical digital asset.

The company also significantly reduced costs by turning off its old system, utilizing on-demand cloud computing services and eliminating use of a customer database it no longer needed. Protiviti also helped streamline cloud usage during an overall assessment of the company’s IT environment. The client is now seeing increased revenue from renewals by customers who were dissatisfied with the outdated content.

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