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AIGA’s Julie Anixter on the Power and Promise of Design

Headshot of Julie Anixter of AIGA.

AIGA, the world’s largest professional association for design, is helping designers influence — and positively change — many facets of the business world. Here, AIGA executive director Julie Anixter discusses the future of design and her top priorities for the organization.


How to Create a Snapchat Strategy for Your Company

Image of three creative professionals looking at Snapchat on a smartphone.

Thinking about including Snapchat in your marketing efforts? Before you start snapping selfies with the popular app, you need to find out if Snapchat fits in your company’s social media strategy.


5 Ways to Effectively Manage a Team of Telecommuters

Image of a telecommuter in her home office.

Managing a creative team isn’t always easy. And that’s especially true if your team is scattered across town – or different countries. If you manage telecommuters, or if you’re a manager who telecommutes, here are some tips to help build team spirit and provide leadership and support from afar.




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