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How to Get Your First Job: 5 Job Search Tips for Creative Grads

College student looking at job posting.

Graduation is on the horizon for the creative class of 2016. While it’s an exciting time — no more late-night study sessions or purchasing ramen noodles in bulk (we hope!) — the post-college employment search can feel daunting. But do not fear. Here’s how to get your first job.


Are You Thinking Like a CMO?

illustration of brain plugged in

Do you aspire to be a chief marketing officer? You first have to think like one. And to think like a CMO, you need to get plugged into who’s influencing them, the topics they’re discussing and the marketing content they’re reading.


5 Tips on the Art of Writing Job Descriptions

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to job descriptions, from the overly casual to the dense, dry and daunting. Ideally, there’s a balance. Let’s find out how to strike it. Check out our tips on writing job descriptions.


10 Top Perks and Benefits That Win Employees Over

Whether you offer oodles of freebies or the standard fare, employers benefit from perks, too. Here are 10 top corporate perks and benefits – and why firms are wise to consider them.


5 Skill Development Options That Won’t Break the Bank

illustration of man conducting a webinar

Skill development is a must for creative professionals who want to stay relevant, secure plum assignments, and earn a higher salary or promotion. But it can be a hefty investment. Here are five skill development options that won't cost you a lot of time or money.