Resumania™: Leave Out Your Reason For Leaving

By Robert Half on March 3, 2014 at 8:00am

There’s no reason to include “reason for leaving” bullet points on your resume. Hiring managers don’t expect job candidates to explain why they left previous positions in their application materials. That’s typically a topic of discussion that will be covered in the interview.

Including this information in your resume will only raise concerns — regardless of how valid your reason may have been. Put simply, there’s no upside to expressing even a small amount of negativity about a current or former boss or company.

These job applicants didn’t help their cause:

“REASON FOR LEAVING: I was fired because I told my boss off a few times.”

Once wasn’t enough?

“REASON FOR LEAVING: The job was not gloryous.”

Neither is your spelling.

“REASON FOR LEAVING: Insane hours. Had to work 12 days a week.”

No wonder you left.


You’re stressing the wrong details.

“REASON FOR LEAVING: I was a young and hungry graphic designer.”

The company didn’t have a snack machine?


The exclamation point tells us all we need to know.

“REASON FOR LEAVING: Hate my new boss even more than all my other old bosses.”

Perhaps they aren’t the problem.

“REASON FOR LEAVING: My boss stole my last two checks.”

Now that’s a good reason!

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