Resumania™: Don’t Scare Off Employers With an Over-Accessorized Resume

By Robert Half on October 27, 2014 at 7:00am

Searching for the perfect Halloween costume can be a blast for people of all ages. Adding accessories and props to an already over-the-top outfit is all part of the fun. But when it comes to crafting your resume, remember that less is often more.

Your resume should be clean, well organized and easy to follow. Don’t dress up your document with decorative fonts, images or photographs.

In addition, be sure to eliminate irrelevant details that don’t directly address why you’re an excellent fit for the open position. These job seekers scared off hiring managers with these odd asides:

“JOB HISTORY: Advice giver. Despite my seemingly screwball approach to my own life, I am frighteningly practical when it comes to sorting out other people’s problems.”

Move over, Dr. Phil.

“PERSONAL INTERESTS: Connoisseur of cheeseburgers with extra thick slices of cheese, sandwiched between buttery, toasted hamburger buns.”

You beefed up the wrong section of your resume.

“ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I taught my dog ‘Sit,’ ‘Down,’ ‘Paw’ and ‘High-five.’”

You’re barking about the wrong achievements.

“SKILLS: Convincing coworkers to take a longer lunch than they originally planned.”

So, you’d consider persuasiveness a top skill?

RESUME: “Recently an interviewer liked me a lot, but he said my resume was bad.”

Hopefully, you sent us a different version.

“ABOUT ME: I’m professional. I don’t care about what happened on American Idol last night.”

You should have used this section to sing your own praises.

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