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Oddball Interview Questions: Do Off-the-Wall Inquiries Help?

Tired of receiving canned answers from job interviewees? Get creative and consider tossing some off-the-wall interview questions into the mix. Asking atypical interview questions — as Robert Half’s Billie Watkins pointed out in a recent TV interview — helps hiring managers dig deeper and see how a job candidate’s mind works.

Wearables at Work

We surveyed CIOs to learn their opinions about the future of wearable technology in the workplace. Check out our infographic for the results.

Writing a Resume? 6 Buzzwords to Avoid at All Costs

The words you use on your resume are crucial. A CareerBuilder survey reports that 17 percent of hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less looking at a resume. As such, you need to make your points quickly, and you need to make them well. Hackneyed buzzwords and clichés won’t catch a hiring manager’s eye. So let’s take a look at six terms job seekers should avoid when writing a resume — along with better ways to shine.

Office Humor: Redefining Work-Life Balance

As a manager, there are many reasons to promote work-life balance. In fact, integrating work-life balance into your office culture not only benefits individual employees; it can help your entire organization. Just make sure you and your team members share the same understanding of the term.

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