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Compliance Careers Show Promise for Legal Employment

According to Robert Half’s Legal Salary Guide, legal hiring managers are seeking compliance specialists at a range of different levels. Depending on your level of experience, here are four hot compliance careers you might consider.

5 Strategies to Advance Your Legal Career

What can you do to differentiate yourself from your colleagues so you can advance in your career? How can you more effectively demonstrate the leadership capabilities that law department and law firm management are looking for and the value you bring to the organization? Here are five strategies that can help legal professionals earn recognition in the workplace and proactively advocate for their advancement opportunities: 

4 Tips to Maximize the Value of Exit Interviews in the Legal Workplace

When a legal professional on your team hands you a resignation notice, do you schedule an exit interview? What about when you need to terminate a staff member — do you solicit their feedback before they leave? Read on for tips on using legal exit interviews productively.

5 Team-Building Activities to Help Your Staff Work Together

As a manager, making sure your employees can work together is paramount to the success of your projects — and maybe that of your company. But with so many different personalities and work styles, how do you lead them to unite as a group? Here are five worthwhile types of team-building activities for work.