4 Tips for Working with Technology Recruitment Agencies

By Robert Half on April 26, 2017 at 12:42am

It's good to work in tech right now, but you probably already knew that. Code ninjas are a hot commodity, and that's not likely to change anytime soon. It feels good to be in demand, but it doesn't mean that the perfect job is going to fall into your lap.

To find the right position and best compensation package with a top employer, you might want to enlist expert help with recruitment agencies. A good recruiter can expose you to new opportunities, provide insight on employers and handle the stickier aspects of negotiating an employment contract. 

Here are some tips for working with recruitment agencies to get great results: 

1. Work with a reputable firm 

There are plenty of staffing firms out there. But to receive top-notch service, specialized recruitment agencies are your best bet. Technology is a complex field: You want a knowledgeable recruiter who gets what you do and knows how to best market your skills. You should also evaluate any additional benefits offered by a given agency. Robert Half Technology, for example, provides free online training to its candidates. Consider everything a firm has to offer, and then choose the cream of the crop. 

2. Define your needs 

What are you looking for in your next employment opportunity? Full-time or consultant work? Is company culture higher on your priority list than salary? Define what's most important to you, and communicate that information to your recruiter. Just make sure to do your research and be realistic about your expectations. 

3. Heed expert advice 

You're a talented technology professional, and the best recruiters are equally good at what they do. Recruiters at reputable recruitment agencies have valuable advice and insights to share with the candidates they're trying to place, as they speak with hiring managers every day. They know what employers are looking for in a new hire. So listen to what your recruiter has to say. It'll be worth it. 

4. Build your reputation 

Your technology recruiter's job is to market your skills to potential employers. Your job is to make yourself as appealing to hiring managers as possible. You can help on both fronts by staying active in the technology field and by continually building your brand. Contribute to open-source projects, be visibly helpful on problem-solving forums and participate in local tech events. The stronger your reputation, the more valuable you'll appear to hiring managers and the easier it'll be for your recruiter to find the right job for you. 

Technology-focused recruitment agencies make searching for a new tech job simple by offering advantages you'd otherwise miss. Find a firm that has your best interests in mind, clearly define your goals and heed your recruiter's wisdom and insights. Combine all of that with a desirable personal brand, and you’ll have a winning relationship with your recruiter. 

Interview technology candidates right away

If you're hiring an IT pro, we can help make the process easier. You can see profiles of IT candidates in your area using our online database. Tell us who catches your eye, and we can arrange an interview or placement ASAP.

This post has been updated to reflect more current information.

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