Finance Professionals with Tech Skills Wanted

By Robert Half on August 21, 2019 at 4:00pm

Finance Professionals with Tech Skills Wanted

CFOs reported on the importance of business analytics skills for accounting and finance professionals:

Mandatory for everyone 37%
Mandatory for some positions 49%
Nice to have, but not mandatory 12%
Rarely needed 1%
Not needed at all 1%

Percentage of companies who provide professional development opportunities to build business analytics skills: 91%

CFOs cited the following attributes as the hardest to find in accounting and finance job candidates:

Technology experience or aptitude 32%
Functional job skills 21%
Leadership abilities 18%
Soft skills, e.g., interpersonal or communications skills 16%
Organizational culture fit 12%

Top technologies currently used or expected to be used in the next five years, according to accounting and finance executives:

Currently using Expect to use within the next three years Expect to use within the next five years
Cloud-based systems 66% 19% 8%
Mobile applications 64% 21% 10%
Big data and advanced analytics 42% 27% 14%
Internet of Things 33% 29% 18%
3D printing 30% 21% 14%
AI and machine learning 24% 29% 21%
Automation 24% 29% 19%

Source: Robert Half survey of more than 1,100 CFOs at companies in the United States. The survey developed for the Jobs and AI Anxiety report includes responses from 250 accounting and finance managers.

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