10 Hiring Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs

Small business owners: You’ve found it. Your destination for all you need to know to hire smart and grow your small business. Below find our top 10 articles on key accounting positions, recruiting and interviewing. For additional support and information to help grow small and midsize businesses, the Robert Half Resource Center can help you navigate business resources needed to help recruit, retain and motivate teams.

Finding the right fit for your small business can take some time — and the wrong hire can cost you. Try temporary staffing services to get the accounting and finance expertise you need today.

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Must-Have Roles

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Salary Spotlight: Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

To recruit top accounts receivable and accounts payable talent, you must offer a competitive salary. Here's a guide to creating the right compensation package.

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Salary Spotlight: Payroll Clerk and Payroll Manager

A payroll clerk or manager can help a small business owner stay on top of regulations, create payroll processes, and more. Learn why you might need a payroll pro, salary ranges and more.

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Salary Spotlight: Accounting Clerk

They're your company's record keepers, using ledgers and software to record your business's expenses, payroll and other transactions. Accounting clerks may provide additional duties, such as maintaining accurate records and files, processing invoices and managing data.

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A woman at a bookkeeping job

Salary Spotlight: Bookkeeper

Does your company need a bookkeeper? Bookkeepers work as financial archivists and perform a range of duties, such as updating financial statements, checking financial records for accuracy and producing financial records.

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Bookkeeper

Bad bookkeepers can wreak record-keeping havoc, leaving you with a mess to clean up and real consequences to your company. Hire right by following these tips.

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5 Signs a Staffing Agency Isn't Right for Your Small Business Needs

Not all staffing agencies are created equal. Review these five red flags before you choose an agency for temporary accounting and finance needs.

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A partial image of a woman holding a resume and a man sitting across from her

Things That Make You Go Hmmm: 5 Resume Red Flags to Watch For

What aspects of a candidate's resume should give you pause? Heed these warnings before you hire. 

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Hiring? 4 Things You Need to Know Before Salary Negotiations Begin

You need to hire but you're stuck: Your have to keep your budget top of mind, but also need to hire the best talent. Try these salary negotiations to help ensure everyone is satisfied.

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Hiring Managers, Watch Out For These 7 Interview Red Flags

Which interview faux pas are deal breakers? Check this list of interview red flags that can help you decide whether you have found the best accounting and finance job candidate for your small business.

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A recruiter and candidate shaking hands at a job interview

6 Essential Interview Questions to Ask Accounting Job Candidates

For your small business to succeed, you need an accounting and finance ace. Ask these questions of your job candidates test whether they have the background and skills to help you grow your company.

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