Photo Retoucher in Carlsbad, CA

Photo Retoucher Job Description

The photo retoucher edits and enhances digital photographs. Candidates must have experience with photo editing software and technical knowledge of digital photography. This position requires an eye for detail and composition. Professional photography or graphic design experience is a plus.

Typical photo retoucher duties:

Correcting photo resolution and compositionCropping and resizing imagesAdjusting tone, color, saturation and brightness

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Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
EO/IR systems
Salary for Photo Retoucher in Carlsbad, CA
55963 - 94380
25th percentile
New to the role, with little or no experience; requires more than casual instruction or supervision to perform day-to-day duties
50th percentile
Has the experience to consistently perform core responsibilities without direct supervision; very comfortable with processes and subject matter associated with the role
75th percentile
Value to the organization goes far beyond the ability to perform normal job duties; has rare qualifications that enable consistent contribution in unique ways; ready for next career level when available
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