How to Get Noticed by the Best IT Employment Agencies

Resumes that would attract the attention of IT staffing agencies

The best IT employment agencies can make a big difference in your job search. Their staffing experts have the specialized know-how to market your skills to potential employers. Some leading firms offer additional benefits, such as free online training and salary information. Here are some pointers to maximize your exposure and make agencies take notice of you:

Cultivate your digital presence

IT employment agencies want to see that you have cultivated a strong online brand presence. Many recruiters use social media sites to identify potential candidates. You need a LinkedIn profile that effectively highlights your unique set of skills, abilities and experiences. Also contribute to conversations in LinkedIn groups, comment on blog posts and even consider writing your own blog posts to show that you're tuned in to the industry.

Don't stop with traditional outlets. Consider using other networking tools for IT job searching -- apps, forums, meetups, etc. You'll become hard to ignore if your name keeps popping up as someone in the know.

Pump it up

The best social profiles aren't much use if recruiters don't see them. Weave keywords into your profiles so your information appears at the top of search results. Also use the "recommend", "endorse" and "like" functions that most online networks offer. When you give colleagues and other professional contacts a nod through social media channels, they'll likely return the favor.

Tailor your resume

Look at the types of jobs a particular IT employment agency typically staffs and the skills the agency seeks. As long as they're relevant to your own experience, highlight those skills in your resume. Look closely at the keywords used in the job postings the firm features on its website and use the same keywords in your resume. By customizing your resume, objectives and cover letter, you'll have a good shot at making it to the top of the pile.

Follow up

After submitting your resume to IT employment agencies, call or email them to follow up. This communication helps put you on a recruiter's radar and shows employment firms that you're organized and sincerely interested in working with them.

Stay current

Even while working with IT employment agencies, you should still seek out leads on your own. Stay on top of the skills and knowledge that are in demand and work to build your qualifications accordingly so you can enhance your marketability.

Make a point of attending tech networking events; recruiters are likely to be in attendance, giving you an opportunity to talk to them in person. Face-to-face communication with recruiters will help you determine whether you want to work with a particular agency.

Spread the word

When you find IT employment agencies you like, recommend other technology professionals to them. IT recruiters are in the business of matching people like you with the right opportunities, and top talent is always in demand. Great referrals will help raise your profile and prompt the IT employment agencies you work with to think of you first when a future job opportunity arises.