How a Tech Staffing Firm Can Boost Your Job Search

A candidate researches tech staffing firms on her computer

Is the job hunt wearing you down? A tech staffing firm can enhance your employment search by providing job leads, online training, industry expertise and information about current salary trends in your area.

Whether you call this type of company a staffing agency, recruiter or employment agency, tech staffing firms all do basically the same thing: They find job candidates for client firms. Candidates like you.

Help finding a job

Whether you're looking for project work, temporary-to-full-time positions or full-time technology jobs, a tech staffing agency can help. Staffing specialists match your skills and experience with positions in the agency database, including roles in such in-demand areas as big data, mobile development and cybersecurity.

By working with tech staffing specialists, you can effectively double your efforts. As you continue to apply for jobs yourself, your recruiter is diligently working toward the same goal. If you're currently employed and struggling to find the time to search for jobs, an agency can be particularly helpful.

Access to free training

By working with a tech staffing firm, you may have the opportunity to gain extra skills and knowledge that can help make you more marketable. For instance, a reputable tech agency may offer free online training courses, which can help you stay current, work toward new certifications and maximize your earning potential.

Salary insight and advice

A reputable tech staffing agency can help ensure that you earn competitive compensation by negotiating with employers on your behalf and providing information about going market rates. Check out Robert Half Technology's Salary Center to learn about the latest salary and hiring trends in the technology industry.


Demand is growing for tech professionals with highly specialized skills, but top talent is often hard to find. According to a 2014 Robert Half Technology survey, 87 percent of chief information officers plan to hire technology staff in 2015, while 67 percent cite difficulties in finding skilled workers. Many employers are turning to tech staffing agencies for help locating the talent they need. By working with an agency, you have access to companies that are actively seeking tech pros like yourself.

Recruiting specialists at tech staffing agencies are trained to make successful matches between candidates and clients. Your recruiter knows your skill set and job experience inside and out, so who better to have on your team working for you? By signing on with a top-tier tech staffing agency, you'll not only gain extra support in your job search but you'll also have access to free training, salary advice and tech industry insight from experts in the field.