Advantages of Working with IT Staffing Agencies

A recruiter talks to candidates about the benefits of working with IT staffing agencies

IT candidates with the right skills are in great demand today, although organizations are increasingly facing difficulties finding and recruiting experienced professionals with the specialized skills they require. No job search is a piece of cake. Candidates want to find the best working environment and employer to match their personality and skill set. This is why many candidates choose to work with specialized IT staffing agencies to obtain full-time and temporary placements. Agencies can help connect you to employers that are a good fit.

Here are some of the advantages of working with IT staffing agencies to find employment:


Your recruiter will work for you, not just with you. This means you've got somebody in your corner helping you with your job search, at no cost to you. In your first meeting, make your career plans clear. Are you looking for project work, or is a full-time position your goal? Your recruiter can help make your search more focused and effective.


IT staffing agencies can match you with employers that are seeking your particular set of skills and knowledge. If you're an Ubuntu developer with mobile experience, for example, you might end up at a small business fast-tracking a new web-based sales support platform for mobile devices.

If you're more interested in gaining exposure to different kinds of employers, you may find yourself working on short-term assignments or taking on special projects. This way, you can build your professional network and earn experience in a variety of environments.

Large IT staffing agencies often have a global reach, making it possible to expand your job search to other cities, states and countries. This means an exponential increase in the number of hiring managers who can see your resume.


Feel like reducing your workload during the summer or working as much as possible to save up for a new car? With IT staffing agencies, you may have more control over your time. You'll have the opportunity to choose assignments that work well for your schedule.


It's not unusual for interim positions to turn into full-time roles. Many companies first bring on workers on an interim basis before extending a full-time offer. This allows companies to evaluate the contractor's performance in the role and ensure there is an ongoing need. The arrangement allows you to evaluate the job and work environment to determine if you would be satisfied remaining with the firm long term.


Working with IT staffing agencies like Robert Half Technology gives you access to training options, as well as career resources, such as interviewing tips and resume help, straight from expert recruiters. Through your agency, you also may have access to benefits and perks, like bonus and holiday pay.

There are many advantages to working with IT staffing agencies. Be sure to look for a firm that specializes in technology to ensure you're matched with an employer whose needs dovetail with your skill set.