New Whitepaper Shows How CIOs Use Twitter to Learn and Grow Their Businesses

The cover of Robert Half's report, Social Media and the C-10: What You Can Learn From the Twitter Habits of Tech Leaders
CIOs and senior IT leaders have a lot on their plates. Constantly changing technology, systems integrations and security breaches are the kind of things that can keep a person up at night. So why, when you drop into their office unannounced, might you find these folks goofing off on Twitter? Well, they might not be goofing off. They might be saving your business.


Robert Half Technology partnered with Leadtail to study 524 CIOs and senior IT leaders using Twitter to keep up and get ahead. We analyzed 83,314 of their tweets to better understand:

  • How do they describe themselves in social media?
  • What topics are they discussing?
  • Which content sources are they consuming and sharing?
  • Who are the most influential people and publications among IT leaders?