Staffing Technology Teams: Three Principles for Success

A Robert Half professional explains how to succeed when staffing technology teams

When staffing technology teams for your organization, use these three guiding principles—and the accompanying checklists for each—to help ensure you hire the best talent available and recruit candidates who will be a strong fit for your organization:

Principle #1: Be an employer of choice

It's unlikely you'll be able to hire and retain top technology professionals if you don't adopt the best practices of leading employers. Here are two to always apply:

1. Offer competitive salaries. To confirm the starting salaries for technology roles your business offers are in line with trends in your local market, look to the Robert Half Technology Salary Center for the most up-to-date data.

2. Provide great perks, including professional development. Money matters, but it's not everything. Vacation time, tuition reimbursement, remote working, profit sharing and other perks can always help to enhance a job offer—especially in cases where a talented candidate is considering multiple opportunities. In addition, technology workers know that the industry moves quickly and favors employers that will help them keep their technical skills relevant, so professional development is very important to them.

Principle #2: Get organized

Staffing technology teams effectively requires knowing what specific qualities you need in your employees—and pulling in all the necessary resources to find them:

1. Write an accurate job description. Writing a detailed, specific job description is critical to attracting top candidates—and limiting the number of unqualified applicants. Make sure you list all necessary skills and educational requirements as well as any vital soft skills. Consult the Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, which provides job descriptions for a wide range of in-demand technology positions.

2. Enlist expert help. Partner with a staffing agency that specializes in placing IT professionals. With large networks of skilled candidates, reputable agencies can cherry-pick the best talent and may even be able to entice prospects who might not be actively seeking new jobs.

Principle #3: Pay attention to interpersonal dynamics

Staffing technology teams requires more than just hiring technology experts. It's also important that team members fit together and can collaborate effectively. So be sure to:

1. Conduct an in-depth interview. Some companies rely on personality testing to determine how well candidates will work together. Others ask current employees to interview candidates and assess them for cultural fit. If you're working with a staffing technology agency, be sure the recruiter asks questions designed to reveal a candidate's work ethic, personality and drive.

2. Evaluate new hires. To prevent hiring mistakes (which are costly to both the bottom line and morale), you may want to consider employing promising candidates on a contract-to-hire basis at first. After working together for a few months, you and the temporary professional can decide if you want to make the relationship permanent.

Hiring is often an imperfect process. But if you apply the principles and advice outlined above, you'll be more likely to secure the technology talent your business needs.

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