How to Partner with Your Technology Staffing Agency

A Robert Half technology staffing professional explains how she can help a client

Building a collaborative partnership with a technology staffing agency can benefit your organization in many ways. An agency that understands what makes your company tick can respond to your staffing needs more effectively, help you optimize resources and prevent headaches that arise from a crucial personnel gap.

Here are four tips for cultivating a productive relationship with your technology staffing agency:

Keep the lines of communication open

When you know it's time to hire, speak openly with your technology staffing agency about your organization's full-time and interim staffing needs. Providing pertinent details about your requirements —such as preferred skills, salary parameters or project duration—will help the agency's staffing specialists find qualified candidates for the roles you need to fill.

It can be valuable to maintain an ongoing dialog with your technology staffing agency so the firm is prepared to help you, even on short notice. Invite a staffing representative to visit your office so that person can meet your team and see how they work. The more the technology staffing agency learns firsthand about your company's operations, goals, values and culture, the better it can meet your staffing requirements.

Tap the agency for valuable insights

Ask your technology staffing agency to help you stay up-to-date on changes in the industry, including compensation trends and in-demand certifications. The more you're in the loop, the more clearly you'll be able to define your staffing needs. Inform them of any changes to your requirements, especially if you're creating a new position and could use their advice on defining the role.

If you attempted to fill a position on your own but failed, it can be useful to share your story with the technology staffing firm. How far did you get? What hurdles did you hit? Did you come close to hiring anyone? Did a promising candidate turn down the role and, if so, why? The staffing manager can use this insight to ensure your business is offering a compelling employment opportunity that is in line with what leading employers provide.

Implement a follow-up process

An effective technology staffing agency will not only recruit and place skilled candidates, but it should also ensure they're adjusting to their new work environment. Keep the agency informed of a new hire's progress and, if needed, suggest improvements. When evaluating the candidate's performance, consider these questions:

  • Is the employee meeting expectations outlined in the job description?
  • Is he or she working professionally and meeting deadlines?
  • Is the person fitting in well with colleagues and culture?
  • Does the new hire require a lot of instruction or supervision?

Providing timely and honest feedback to your technology staffing agency will help it recruit the right talent for your business in the future.

Stick with problem-solvers

Every now and then, a candidate placement can go awry. Evaluate how the technology staffing agency responds to these challenges. Does it work quickly to resolve the issue? Does it offer a refund or have a contingency protocol in place? Not all agencies will step up to help make things right when there's a problem. If your agency does, you know you're working with a reputable firm.

All good relationships take time to develop, of course. But building a collaborative partnership with your technology staffing agency is well worth the effort. It can help ensure your company always has access to the skilled technology professionals it needs to stay competitive and meet business demands.