How to Compare Information Technology Staffing Agencies

A chalkboard with columns for listing the pros and cons of using an information technology staffing agency

You've made the decision to expand your technology team so you can get new products to market faster. By working with reputable information technology staffing agencies, you can find the developers and software engineers you need to bring the project to fruition. But how do you know which firm to work with? Keep these considerations in mind to make the right choice:


Start by determining if the staffing firm specializes in placing technology professionals. An agency that understands information technology offers many benefits over a general firm. First, you'll be working with experts that understand the complexities of the technology field and the nuances that separate the best tech pros from their peers. You can also get advice for building the exact team you need. Specialized information technology staffing agencies can help you decide whether your needs are best met by a full-time hire or project-based technology professional. In addition, you can be certain all candidates for your projects have been vetted before you meet with them and have the skills you're looking for.


Information technology staffing agencies are not all equal when it comes to the depth and breadth of their candidate pools. Just because an agency has thousands of professionals in its database does not mean these job seekers are skilled and experienced. Ask each firm about the types of job seekers it represents. How many years of experience do candidates have on average? What specialized skills and credentials do they typically possess? Which individuals are hardest for the staffing agency to recruit?

Reach is also a consideration: Large staffing firms dedicated to the technology sector tend to represent a broad range of candidates in most major cities. That means they can help you find the specialized talent you need, even if your project involves teams across the country.


When comparing information technology staffing agencies, reputation should be a top consideration. Talented candidates typically want to work with the most experienced and well known staffing firms because they know these agencies are best able to identify rewarding employment opportunities for them. Isn't this the candidate pool you want access to?


It's important to understand the steps a staffing firm takes to identify and place candidates. Inquire about how candidates are recruited and what types of guarantees are offered if a placement doesn't work out.

The more reputable information technology staffing agencies will take extra time to thoroughly confirm candidates' credentials through interviews, testing and select reference checks. Many leading firms also offer training programs to technology professionals so they can improve and expand their skill sets.

It's no secret that hiring the right candidate can save your business time and money. That's why many hiring managers prefer to work with top-tier information technology staffing agencies that provide access to the skilled talent they need, when they need it.