Employment Agencies, IT Specialization and You

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Staffing firms that place IT talent have two key jobs: They must identify your needs as a client and, in order to address them, they must also be able to accurately and quickly evaluate the skills and fit of potential candidates. When looking for employment agencies, IT specialists are the way to go. Here's why—and what to look for:

Industry expertise

IT staffing firms employ specialists with technical backgrounds—people with actual work experience in the technology field. They know the difference between a network administrator and a network engineer, and how to recruit for specific, hard-to-fill positions, such as a web developer.

If you want to organize a project—develop new price-quoting software or initialize a security update, for example—a skilled staffing specialist will know which IT consultants, project consultants and other technology pros can get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money.

A deep and wide pool of skilled candidates

Look for reputable technology staffing firms that can recruit skilled candidates from every corner of the tech world. You'll find that with these types of employment agencies, IT talent is well-vetted: Staffing specialists take time to verify each professional's credentials and use internal programs to help candidates demonstrate and improve their skills.

Some non-specialist staffing agencies may offer phone evaluations or even face-to-face interviews, but don't be fooled. Generalists who don't speak technology and lack the knowledge to properly assess candidates often leave the heavy lifting for you.

An outstanding reputation

When choosing employment agencies, IT managers need to weigh the reputation and track record of the staffing firms they're considering. Does the agency have extensive experience placing technology professionals? If so how many technology professionals have they placed in the past and in what types of positions? What types of employers do they typically serve?

For further insight into the firm's standing in the technology staffing industry, review the information on its website, including salary trends and industry research, blogs and candidate testimonials. Also, does the firm provide candidates with free training opportunities, so they can keep their skills up-to-date and further expand their knowledge and abilities? All of the above can help you confirm that you'll be selecting a reputable staffing firm that knows how to cultivate top tech talent.