5 Questions for Your Information Technology Recruiting Firm

A Robert Half professional ponders an information technology staffing solution

Looking to expand your technology team? Big decision. Navigating the hiring process? Big headache. Information technology recruiting is increasingly challenging in today’s tight job market.

A firm specializing in information technology recruiting can help you connect with the talent you need more quickly and easily than if you conducted a candidate search on your own. But just as you want any new hire to be a good fit for your company, you also need to ensure the information technology recruiting firm you work with is a good fit for your business. Here are five questions to ask IT recruiters before taking the leap:

1. There are many IT recruiters; why should I chose your firm?

Begin by drilling down into whether the firm will meet your IT recruiting needs. Make sure the firm you're considering has experience recruiting candidates who match your open positions. Why engage an information technology recruiting firm that mainly places candidates with network security backgrounds if you're looking for a mobile applications developer?

2. What is your process for evaluating candidates?

Do the IT recruiters evaluate candidates based only on credentials listed on a resume? Or do they get to know potential hires through phone, video or in-person conversations to confirm they have the requisite skills, as well as the qualities that will make them a good fit for a company's culture? Does the firm use skills testing to verify technical skills?

The process used to narrow the group of candidates for consideration is crucial. If you're expecting a short list of top-tier talent, make sure you agree with how the recruiters develop that lineup.

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3. What current trends should I be aware of?

Asking this question is a great way to find out how knowledgeable the information technology recruiting firm really is. The firm’s representative should not hesitate with sharing expertise — not only staffing trends but also industry trends. They should also be experts on current compensation trends and skills requirements for in-demand technology roles. The best recruiters are strategic hiring advisers to their clients, not just people who can provide a list of job seekers' names.

4. What are your expectations of me?

You'll be engaging an information technology recruiting firm to take the load off your shoulders, right? So find out exactly what the IT recruiters expect from you to eliminate surprises later. You need a clear understanding of your role and how you can help the agency find the right match for you.

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5. How do you measure client satisfaction?

What happens if a candidate you've engaged isn't working out as expected? Leading information technology recruiting agencies want to make sure their clients are satisfied. For instance, Robert Half Technology guarantees every candidate we place. If you aren't completely satisfied after the first 40 billable hours, you will not be charged and our IT recruiters will replace the candidate immediately.

When you need to hire a skilled technology professional, especially one with specialized talents, enlisting the help of an information technology recruiting firm can help expedite your search. But this decision shouldn't be taken lightly. Before signing on the dotted line with an agency, take time to ask these pertinent questions. It could mean the difference between a productive relationship or a waste of time and resources.


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