The Best Technology Staffing Firms Share These 5 Qualities

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Working with technology staffing firms is one way to find the skilled technology talent your business needs, and you can save time and money in the process. But how can you ensure you're working with one of the best firms out there? Here are five qualities to look for:

1. Personalized approach

The best technology staffing firms get to know clients and candidates as individuals. Their staffing specialists are intimately acquainted with the market, and are invested in developing long-term connections within the industry. They're also skilled in the art of building relationships. Working with a staffing firm is like having a friend introduce you to potential employees rather than having to make all the connections yourself.

2. Industry knowledge

Recruiters at leading technology staffing firms will have experience working in the tech industry. Their relevant experience means they understand precisely what specialized skills a candidate needs to succeed as an HTML developer or mobile app developer, for example, in your organization. They'll understand what type of technology professional you're looking for and, therefore, will be better able to match you with the most qualified applicants.

3. Well-respected reputation

The best technology staffing firms have the accolades to prove it—from glowing client testimonials to nods from well-known publications. Search online for reviews of any technology staffing firms you're considering. As you peruse reviews, consider both the firm's reputation as a whole, as well as comments about individual recruiters.

Because word of mouth is still one of the most reliable information-gathering methods, reach out to your social network to hear what people you know and trust have to say about the technology staffing firms you're considering. Also look for agencies that employ staffing specialists who have a reputation for outstanding communication and for their enthusiasm in helping both clients and candidates make the right match.

4. Deep candidate database

More than 60 percent of chief information officers find it challenging to locate skilled IT professionals, according to a Robert Half Technology survey. The best technology staffing firms have deep networks within the technology community, meaning recruiters have the most desirable workers on file. Successful technology staffing firms regularly deepen and strengthen their candidate databases, knowing that it's the quality of their candidates that determines their success.

Often, they'll have reach into other cities or states, meaning they can connect you with highly skilled workers you may not have found otherwise. Many staffing specialists also make a point to keep tabs on passive job seekers who would be willing to make a move for the right opportunity.

5. Commitment to constant improvement

The best technology staffing firms are constantly improving their recruitment process and strategies, which often means employing new tools, such as online skills assessments and video interviewing capabilities. Reputable and well-established agencies also make sure their staffing specialists stay informed of developments in the technology industry, including compensation trends and job requirements. This knowledge helps recruiters anticipate demand for certain positions and how it changes over time.

Look for these key characteristics in technology staffing firms, and you'll be well on your way to working with the right agency for your business.