Long-Term IT project consultants

Robert Half Technology’s Salaried Professional Service is designed to provide experienced IT professionals on a long-term basis, minimizing turnover and reinforcing successful working relationships. Our salaried professionals have chosen full-time careers with Robert Half Technology, complete with competitive salaries and benefits. This allows our long-term IT project consultants to focus 100 percent on your unique needs and helps promote all-important staff continuity on projects. The result is efficiency at its best – optimum productivity when you need it most.

Our long-term IT project consultants are highly skilled specialists in the areas of project management, application development, network design, administration and security.

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Salaried Professional Service Benefits

Flexibility, high-level IT service support and increased workforce continuity

Through the Salaried Professional Service, you enjoy increased staff continuity. Our long-term IT project consultants have chosen this as their career and are committed to your long-term projects. As an added benefit, you can request the same individual again for future needs that arise at your company.

Large network and selection of IT professionals provide a custom fit for your business

Our Salaried Professional Service gives you access to a large network of our top technology professionals, individuals who work exclusively for Robert Half Technology. Our salaried professional network is generated through proactive recruiting efforts, referrals and connections with leading technology trade associations. Each Robert Half Technology salaried professional goes through extensive training to prepare them for a broad range of technical challenges with our wide range of clients.

On-demand IT experts deliver cost-effective options for your business

Many of our clients have realized significant savings by using our Salaried Professional Service for recurring and long-term IT projects with great results from our IT experts. Salaried professionals can help you reduce overtime and increase full-time headcount costs.

Targeted recruiting matches IT experts with customized high-level skills to fit your business

Our Salaried Professional Service delivers unique recruiting advantages to locate hard-to-find skill sets and match the top IT talent to your business. Because we offer full-time employment, we can recruit individuals who are currently employed, as well as those who are actively looking for a job. As your staffing firm, we can plan ahead to recruit and hire professionals who have the skills to address your interim staffing or project needs and deliver reliable talent on a timely basis.

Here's how we've helped other clients with their long-term IT projects:

A major client in the power sports industry needed support with several new Microsoft development projects, so they engaged Robert Half Technology's Salaried Professional Services practice to deploy multiple full-time consultants to minimize project disruption. The client needed development assistance on an existing engineering support website in order to address new end-user expectations and also handle new product and service offerings. By using Microsoft's Razor view engine for Microsoft Visual Studio, our Salaried Professionals helped develop web pages that met the client's requirements, exceeded their expectations and helped deliver the solution in half the estimated time.


A midsize energy broker hired a consulting company to develop price-quoting software for its customers. When the project grew unmanageable, the consulting firm reached out to Robert Half Technology for a database developer with extensive experience building similar tools and who was available immediately for a long-term project. Within six months, the consulting company had hired four Robert Half Technology Salaried Professionals, each of whom were engaged for a minimum of 10 months. As a result of the pricing tool that was developed with the assistance of our Salaried Professionals, the energy broker grew its business by reaching more potential customers faster than it could before.


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