IT Solutions Consulting

When you need solution-based IT consulting services, Robert Half Technology in collaboration with Protiviti, a global business consulting firm, can help. In some instances, you may only need highly skilled technology professionals to support your internal project team. In other instances, you need a team of IT consultants working towards a set of deliverables using a common methodology and leveraging deep knowledge and IT expertise. By combining Robert Half Technology's IT staffing expertise with Protiviti's technology and risk consulting services, we can offer flexible, cost-effective IT solutions to help you address the unique needs of your major IT initiatives.

Our IT Consulting Services cover three main areas of focus:

  • Technology strategy and operations
  • Security and privacy solutions
  • Enterprise applications solutions

Through our IT solutions consulting services, Robert Half Technology and Protiviti together will help provide the required work for each phase of your project and gradually transition the project to your key managers, ensuring better knowledge transfer to your organization and reducing your dependence on consultants. This IT solution gives you the benefit of world-class consulting and specialized staffing services under one roof.

Learn more about our IT solutions consulting services and the many benefits of working with Robert Half Technology and Protiviti.

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How IT solutions consulting services helped clients with their key IT initiatives:

  • A major financial services institution had a large-scale technology integration project related to a significant merger. They needed subject-matter expertise to help develop a "zero-outage" approach for the integration, project management to keep the initiative on schedule and budget, and IT consulting professionals to work side by side with client personnel at a variety of locations to complete the project. Leveraging professionals from Protiviti and Robert Half Technology, our client was 10 percent under budget for the initiative, which they attribute in large part to our combined IT consulting solution.
  • A medical practice management software firm wanted to expand its current software products business by creating a new electronic medical records (EMR) application. Our team qualified the business expansion plan with the client's chief technology officer. Then we helped structure a custom software application design that would fit the client's needs and budget. Together, Robert Half Technology and Protiviti proposed an initial phase-defining scope, which established a technical architecture and created a working prototype.
  • A firm that works with large corporations to create their intranet sites and manage their employee benefit plans advised us of some dissatisfaction with its Microsoft SharePoint vendors. We delivered an alternative IT solution that impressed the client because of our approach: consistent methodology, a deep understanding of SharePoint, and our blended model of staff augmentation with high-level consulting services.
  • As part of a large-scale system conversion, we assisted our client, an industry-leader in mobile data technology, with user acceptance testing in several languages for multiple Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems. Our IT consulting solutions included guiding the user workflows, providing and managing team resources locally and abroad, and handling reporting for four overlapping project phases. Our combination of Protiviti's industry knowledge, software-testing skills and the ability to establish a remote program office with Robert Half Technology's ability to provide flexible, multilingual teams was critical to our success. We exceeded the client's expectations in providing skilled resources on demand to help release three IVR systems in half the timeframe normally allotted to a single IVR release.