Contract-to-Hire and Full-Time IT Job Placement Services

Need to hire for a contract-to-hire or full-time IT job? Robert Half Technology can provide you with highly skilled, pre-evaluated technology professionals for a variety of IT functions on a contract-to-hire or direct hire basis.

Finding technology professionals whose skills are well-matched to your business needs can be time-consuming and costly, especially as the supply of top technology talent continues to remain below the demand. Robert Half Technology provides you with access to top IT talent on a contract-to-hire basis, giving you the opportunity to assess an employee’s technical skills, soft skill and corporate cultural fit with your organization prior to committing to a full-time arrangement. 

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Direct Hire Staffing Services

When you are hiring full-time IT staff, our innovative recruitment process can help you to accelerate your direct hire timeline and reduce the costs associated with staffing a full-time position. 

  • You tell us when you would like your new hire to start full-time. We arrange the interview and schedule to match your timeline.
  • You conduct all initial interviews in one day, meeting with a short list of candidates whose skills are well-matched to your IT job opening.
  • We manage the hiring process with you, from recruitment all the way through compensation negotiation, facilitating offer acceptance and selecting a start date. 

Working with Robert Half Technology for your direct hire needs will reduce the hiring time to as little as two weeks, saving you up to two months of lost productivity versus staffing the IT job on your own. 

A chart comparing recruiting on your own or using Robert Half Technology


Robert Half Technology can handle virtually the entire hiring process for you, from recruiting and evaluating to negotiating compensation and facilitating the final offers.

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IT Job Placement and Direct Hire Client Testimonials 

Not only did my recruiter at Robert Half Technology find us a candidate in record time, he took the initiative to contact other employees at our company in order to gain other perspectives on the job responsibilities and personality fit.


I thought the staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. Our recruiters were extremely friendly and patient and provided the absolute best service possible.


The consultant adjusted to the assignment and work environment quickly. He was very effective and has an excellent work ethic.


The recruiters and management team are extremely quick to reply to any requests from our company and they provide very strong candidates.