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3 Very Good Reasons Tech Pros Should (Still) Use a Cover Letter

A cartoon with two men at a computer screen. The caption reads: "I added a 'Hire Me' button and leveraged the LinkedIn API to update my job status automatically and remind people to congratulate me.”

Dear IT professionals: Your skills and experience are in high demand across industries. You may find organizations clamoring to hire you and offering enticing compensation packages, which is awesome. You may feel like a rock star (and you kind of are!). But if you don’t mind, we’d like to take a moment to draw your attention to a topic that might be a little less exciting, but potentially very important to your career: the cover letter.


4 Simple Retention Strategies to Keep Top Tech Talent

Collaborating is important on IT teams.

With a very low unemployment rate in most of the tech industry — particularly in specialty disciplines such as mobile, web and digital, and data and cloud computing — pressure is high to implement IT projects to enable your organization to benefit from the ROI. Losing team members is tough, but losing your top tech talent can lead to major setbacks.


7 Ways to Find the Best IT Jobs

The words "job search" with links to words related to a job search, such as "interview."

From software engineer to mobile apps developer, help desk analyst to desktop support professional — many tech pros with the right skill sets are in demand. But where do you start when you’re ready to begin your job search?




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