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Should You Accept a Counteroffer? Three Pros and Cons

Two men and a woman at a conference table negotiate a counteroffer

In this competitive hiring environment, many employers continue to find it challenging to hire the technical professionals needed to achieve their technology objectives. So when faced with a surprise resignation, their staffing challenges may be magnified. Frequently, an employer’s natural reaction is to try to keep a top performer who plans to leave. But should you accept a counteroffer? 


Candidate Selection: Here's How to Narrow Your List to the Final Three

An illustration with a magnifying glass over a woman's face on a resume.

The candidate selection process isn't easy — just ask those trying to fill in-demand positions such as data scientist or web developer. There's no doubt that having many qualified IT candidates to choose from is a problem many hiring mangers would like to have.



The Evolving Role of Database Administrators

Illustration of a database administrator sitting at a large control panel

To make the best decisions, organizations big and small depend on the data their systems collect on customers and internal operations — and they need someone to keep them in touch with all that information. Enter the database administrator. But today’s database admin is not the admin of the 1990s.




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