What They Wish They Knew: Career Tips from CIOs You Need to See

It would be amazing if we could predict the future for so many reasons, especially in the ever-changing world of technology. While we can't tell you what IT skills will be most in demand in five or 10 years, we can offer you some career tips based on what IT executives said they wished they would have known before getting into the tech industry.

We asked 2,500 CIOs in a survey, "What is the one thing you wish you knew when entering the tech industry?" Here are the IT skills, technical and non-technical, they said they wished they had:

“I wish I would have known more about web designing.”

“Make sure there's a big market for the tech skills you're getting at school."

“I wish I had a background in programming.”

“I wish I knew what certifications were most valuable and which ones were required for each job.”

“I wish I had known about the rise of information security and data.”


“I wish I had better communication skills, especially when writing emails.”

“Soft skills are important because everybody can learn hard skills.”

“I didn't know how important excellent problem-solving skills would be.


“I didn't know how important working collaboratively with team members and coworkers would be.”

“It would have helped to know more about remote collaboration. I wasn't prepared to manage people working offsite and trying to assist them with their specific issues.”

“I wish I knew a little more about customer service.”

“The one thing that I wish I knew more about is the how to handle the demands of technical needs of customers.”


“I wish I knew that you have to learn things constantly.”

“I wish I knew what the next big thing would be so I could get those skills.”

“I thought you could learn everything on the job, but you can't. Learn all you can as early as you can through internships, study groups or conferences.”


“I didn't know how rapidly things change.”

“I didn't know how important business acumen would be.”

“I wish I had a better understanding of how specialized and diverse the industry would be — and what specializations set you apart.”


“It would have helped to know about 401(k) and retirement plans.”

“I wish I knew that this isn't a 9-to-5 job.”


“I wish I knew how much work was really involved day in and out. It's never-ending but so rewarding.”

“I didn't know how much I would love my job.”


Do you have some career tips for IT pros? Tell us what you wish you had known before entering the tech field. What's been the most surprising thing about working in tech, good or bad?

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