What Company Size Do Tech Pros Prefer?

While working at a fast-paced start-up venture may seem exciting, many IT professionals prefer stability, according to a survey by Robert Half Technology that considers company size.

Eighty-four percent of the 2,300 IT professionals surveyed said they'd prefer working for a medium or large firm, and most prefer a medium-sized firm (60 percent).

What's so appealing about a midsize firm? Respondents said these companies offer stability and structure, but still allow room for innovation. Respondents who preferred working at large firms said those companies offered career growth, structure and stability.

Startups were the least popular place to work in this survey, but the 16 percent who enjoy working for smaller firms said they liked less structure, more career growth opportunities and an ability to innovate.

Check out the SlideShare below with the full survey results to learn more about what company size IT pros prefer, and why, to help you best position your business in a competitive IT market: