Webinar Wrap-up: Overcoming Risks to ERP Project Success

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is an extremely effective business tool that can streamline workflows and reduce costs. But, if implemented, used or incorrectly maintained, it can have the reverse effect.

In the “Overcoming Risks to ERP Project Success” webinar, held on July 23, 2014, Robert Half International and Protiviti discussed the potential pitfalls of ERP initiatives and what might go wrong:

  • Unclear expectations for business participation in the project
  • Ineffective project management, leading to delays and loss of momentum
  • Lack of focus on building user and management support, adoption and readiness
  • Lack of program governance to support timely decision making and issue resolution
  • Lack of focus early in the project on system design and requirements definition
  • Weak data conversion and governance strategy
  • Incomplete data architecture and process design resulting in proliferation of business activities outside the ERP
  • Testing strategy and plans are not appropriately defined and prioritized
  • System integrator/consultants fail to meet expectations

During the webinar, Protiviti’s ERP Solutions Practice team drilled down into each area to provide additional details, case studies and other examples. Joshua Lowy, head of internal audit at Smith & Wesson, was also on hand to discuss how his company successfully managed its own project risks during its recent SAP implementation. Check out the entire webinar to find out how you can resolve these ERP issues or avoid them all together.