Want to Win the IT Talent Battle? Move Fast.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to travel for business to some progressive cities with strong technology communities, including Denver, Nashville and Austin.

In all these stops, tech companies are reaching out because they need assistance finding those next great additions to their IT teams. However, I remain surprised at how many tech leaders continue to miss out on well qualified IT talent by moving too slowly.

Talent Trumps Technology

In a 3-4 percent unemployment market, which is what we are seeing in IT these days, speed is your competitive advantage. The clear winner in the talent marketplace are the leaders in organizations who have realized IT talent trumps technology and put hiring at the top of the priority list. These managers create urgency that engages top candidates and sends a strong message that nothing is more important than getting the right people hired in their organization. Their overall willingness to do it before other companies in the marketplace gives them a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring top IT talent. Conversely, I see repeated examples of organizations that allow other companies sweep top talent right out from under their nose because they took days to respond when their competition responded in hours.

New Hiring Motto: Today Not Tomorrow

If you’re an IT leader and believe like I do that top talent is the key to your departments' success, consider the old acronym T-N-T (today not tomorrow). When you see someone you feel would be a good addition to your team, call them today not tomorrow, interview them today not tomorrow -- and make them an offer today not tomorrow. Urgency creates energy and excitement for the candidate, and puts you in the position to be the clear winner in the battle for talent! As always, your comments are welcomed below. Thank you.