Turn Your Part-Time iOS Development Work Into a Career


If you have experimented with iOS development and put together a few stellar apps, turning your experience into a career as an iOS developer could be easier than you think.

In fact, the job market for mobile application developers is very strong at the moment. The 2015 IT Salary Guide from Robert Half Technology projects that mobile application developers in the United States will see an impressive 10.2 percent pay increase in 2015 compared to 2014 figures. This translates to potential starting compensation ranging from $93,000 to $132,000.*

Here are three tips that could help you launch a new career in iOS development.

1. Raise your visibility

Many employers use forums and community sites as resources for finding mobile developers available for hire. So, participation in developer communities such as Stack Overflow can help establish you as a knowledgeable resource and raise your profile.

If there is a local group for iOS development or mobile application development, you will want to check that out, too. These groups are often sponsored and visited by local companies trying to find top mobile developer talent.

After you’ve been around a developer group long enough to feel comfortable, offer to do a talk or two. These groups are usually looking for new presenters and topics. A compelling presentation at a developer group or code camp can help to cement your reputation as an iOS development expert.

Hackathons are another way to get your name out there and are often sponsored by companies looking to identify the best developers in the area.

2. Show off your work

One challenge companies have when hiring for IT jobs is that a candidate’s work may not be known outside of that person’s current or past employer’s organization. It is a different story for iOS development.

Because the apps are published in the iTunes App Store, it is quite easy for recruiters and hiring managers to check out a developer’s work history and use the actual product. So, make sure to include the names of your publicly available iOS applications in your resume so potential employers can try them out.

A good app will function as a powerful tool to convince an employer that you are a top-notch iOS developer. A poor app experience will easily take you out of the running for an iOS development job. So, before pursuing a career in iOS development your publicly available apps should:

  • Be bug-free, easy to use and attractive
  • Demonstrate substantial iOS development skills
  • Have good ratings in the iTunes App Store

In short: If your apps in the iTunes App Store are not up to snuff, take time to fix or remove them.

3. Go pro through project work

If your part-time iOS development experience has been little more than a hobby, consider turning it into a paying job through project work. Working as a freelance developer or technology consultant is a great way to further refine your skills, gain visibility, make contacts and build career experience.

Many companies are happy to work with iOS developers in this way, especially on small projects that do not require the business to hire a full-time employee. Successful project work could also lead to an offer of employment with an organization.

If you’re ready to turn your part-time iOS development work into a career, making yourself known within the iOS community and expanding your reach through project work can help your new path to unfold more quickly.

*For Canadian salaries, please refer to the 2015 IT Salary Guide from Robert Half Technology.

What advice do you have for someone looking to turn their part-time iOS development experience into a full-time career? Let us know in the comments.