Top 5 Cities for Information Technology Jobs

IT professionals are enjoying a hot employment market across the U.S., but there are a few metro areas that stand out for information technology jobs, according to a recent Robert Half Technology survey of CIOs.

It may be no surprise that CIOs in San Francisco are most likely to hire IT pros in the first six months of 2015, but other cities on the list aren't as obvious (Des Moines

In addition, CIOs from each of the five cities have a very positive outlook about the future of their companies. Houston CIOs are positively bullish about their firms' future growth, and the other cities' CIOs weren't far behind on the optimism scale:

The survey also asked CIOs what IT skill sets are most in demand in each market. Most CIOs are seeking database management skills, but those in Dallas say network administration is the top skill set they want:

Finally, CIOs were asked how challenging it is to find skilled IT pros, and Des Moines topped the list, followed closely by Houston and San Francisco