The Hardest IT Jobs to Fill in 2015

Starting pay for many IT positions will increase in 2015.

Hiring managers, your job isn't going to get any easier in 2015 -- especially if you're looking for IT pros in mobile development, security or big data.

According to the Robert Half Technology 2015 Salary Guide, IT positions in these areas are projected to see the largest increase in starting pay. Mobile app developers, for example, can expect a 10 percent increase in base pay over 2014, and data security analysts are projected to see a 7.4 percent increase in starting pay in 2015. Big data architects will see a 9 percent increase in base pay. Given the jump in pay and related increase in demand for IT roles like these, it's not surprising that six in 10 chief information officers polled in a recent Robert Half Technology survey said it’s challenging to hire for IT jobs. 

It's All About "R&R": Retention and Recruitment

What's a hiring manager to do? Focus on the two "Rs": retention and recruitment. First, retain your best and brightest, according to Robert Half Technology's senior executive director, John Reed. His tips include:

  • Give out a retention bonus on the anniversaries of new employees’ hire date.
  • Make flexible work arrangements part of your office culture.
  • Seek interim staffing solutions during particularly busy periods to guard against burnout.

Don't forget about fostering career paths -- and not just those that involve management roles (not everyone is cut out for management). If you don’t create a career path for your best workers, they may leave. Reed also offers some tips for recruiting top talent in 2015, including:

  • Offer competitive salaries. Check out our predicted ranges for 2015 in the Robert Half Technology Salary Center, and find out what IT certifications add to the salary equation.
  • Have interview questions ready in advance, and ensure a candidate is a good cultural fit for your IT group.
  • Act fast. When you find a candidate you want to hire, don't delay. In-demand IT pros often receive multiple offers.

While it's not likely to get any easier to hire top IT talent in 2015, smart approaches to recruitment and retention will help you attract and keep your best tech professionals.