Salary Negotiation Tactics for IT Pros

If you're interviewing for job -- or contemplating a job search -- check out this article on salary negotiation tactics for IT professionals.

Robert Half Technology's senior executive director, John Reed, offers some excellent tips on getting the starting pay you desire. Reed tells you when salary negotiations should take place in the interview process (hint: not at the beginning!), and when to give a little during compensation conversations. For example, many firms have limits to how much they can offer a candidate for a certain IT position, so there may not be able to offer you the exact pay you want. What then? If this is the job and firm for you, Reed advises considering the other benefits a company may be able to offer, such as working remotely or having a flexible schedule. Spending less time commuting, or having the ability to arrange your schedule so you can coach your kids' soccer team might be more valuable than a bit more money. Or it may not be. It's also good to know when to walk away, especially in a hot IT market. You'll want to read all six salary negotiation tactics. Good luck in your search!      

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