Overcoming the IT Skills Gap


As the economy continues to get stronger and technologies and business practices become more sophisticated, IT hiring managers across the US are finding it challenging to identify skilled talent.

Compared to the average unemployment rate of 5.7% in Q4 2014, the rates for select IT professionals were even lower, as outlined in The Demand for Skilled Talent report generated by Robert Half, suggesting there’s a high demand for them. A few of the most in-demand skilled IT roles include:

  • Network and computer systems administrators = 0.6%
  • Software developers, applications and systems software = 2.4%
  • Computer programmers = 2.5%
  • Computer hardware engineers = 3.0%
  • Computer support specialists = 3.3%

Companies are competing for highly qualified IT candidates. But as the demand grows, the pool shrinks and the skills gap widens. IT job seekers need to continually update their skills and certifications to maintain their marketability. And as they do so, they increase their value, making themselves attractive to multiple employers.

Download The Demand for Skilled Talent report to learn more about this trend and what employers can do to attract and retain their top IT talent.

As a hiring manager for IT teams, what global or industry trends are affecting your hiring practices? What are you doing to close the skills gap? What skills do you want to see on candidates’ resume?