Online Shopping at Work? Most Companies Say "Yes."

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the official start to the holiday shopping season are almost upon us. (Or have been upon us since before Halloween. The shopping season is starting earlier each year.)

Unlike Black Friday, a day that some people get off from work, most of us will be at our desks on Cyber Monday. Fortunately, if you enjoy a good deal or will do anything to avoid shopping in person, more firms are allowing workers to shop online. In a recent survey of CIOs by Robert Half Technology, 27 percent of CIOs interviewed said their companies allow unrestricted access to shopping sites, and another 42 percent said they allow access but monitor activity for excessive use. Less than one-third of CIOs said their firms block access to online shopping at work. The number of firms allowing employees to shop online has increased each year since the survey began in 2012. The increase may be due to the fact that employers understand how busy the holiday season is and are allowing employees some flexibility with their time. And maybe IT managers need to get a little shopping done themselves while at work. If you do decide to shop online while at work, just be sure you know your company's policy (some firms don't allow it) and, of course, don't abuse the privilege. If you have a long shopping list, do your research the weekend before so that you're able to use the time at work to make quick and deal-sensitive purchases. Check out the full survey results about online shopping at work in our infographic below. And let us know -- does your company allow you to shop online at work? RHT_11.11.14_HolidayShoppingInfoGraph_FINAL