New Whitepaper: How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Staffing

Just as any good website should effortlessly go from desktop to mobile to tablet – today’s technology professionals must now be increasingly adaptable.

As more and more organizations develop digital marketing strategies, creativity and business acumen are expected of tech teams, and cross-departmental collaboration is the new normal.

In fact, in surveys from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group, a third of chief information officers said they are collaborating more closely with their marketing counterparts compared to three years ago, and more than half of advertising and marketing executives said the same of their IT colleagues.

There is a demand now, more than ever, for technology professionals to possess deep technical know-how and an eye for front-end design. Some of the key roles crossing the lines between technical and creative are:

  • Front-end web developers
  • Web analytics specialists
  • Web designers
  • Web developers

And while larger organizations may be well equipped to create teams to support digital initiatives, small and mid-sized businesses may need additional guidance. In fact, my colleague Alison Strickland features some surprising stats around the growth of digital marketing and how prepared small and mid-sized business owners feel they are in her latest blog post.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help business leaders get a firm grasp on the latest in digital strategies and how to build the technical and creative teams to support them. Download our Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies & Staffing for an overview of five key digital marketing initiatives and how to staff them.

Download the guide!

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