IT Humor: Stylish Code

Stylish Code

The "bracket" sweater might not be as high fashion as some of those who were #dressedincode at New York Fashion Week, but technology is continuing to make its way into what we wear: Check out this Zac Posen LED dress. It was designed by Posen and coded by Madey Maxey, a 22-year-old Made With Code mentor and fashion engineer.

Made with Code is an organization that encourages girls to get involved in STEM (science, technology, math and science) fields and engages them by showing them things they like that are “made with code.”

And then there's this invisibility cloak, which initially may be used for military purposes, but, according to one of its inventors, might have fashion applications: It could be made to hide your belly. Now that's a practical application, especially after Thanksgiving dinner.

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