Is Your Hiring Process Broken?

Finding highly-qualified IT talent in the current market can be challenging.

If you're looking for experienced mobile app developers, software engineers or business intelligence analysts, you have your work cut out for you. But it may not only be the competitive job market making it difficult to hire the best IT talent. If your hiring process is cumbersome, or you take too long when evaluating candidates, you may be losing top tech pros to other firms. John Reed, Robert Half Technology's senior executive director, gives some good advice on fixing a broken hiring process, including:

  • Attract the right applicants with a well-written job description. Working with your IT team early in the hiring process can help you fine tune the description and hone in on the skills and attributes that a new hire must possess to be successful in the job.
  • Ask interview questions to elicit revealing responses. This doesn't mean you have to ask off-the-wall questions (Who's your favorite superhero and why?), but those that reveal a candidate's reasoning abilities or how well they'd fit in on the team.
  • Don't drag out the hiring process. Once you know you've found the right person, make the offer right away. Stay in touch after the offer has been accepted and before the new hire starts the job.
  • Make an offer they can't refuse. In this market, you want to extend an offer you're confident the candidate will accept. Do your research during the interviews and avoid low-balling a candidate -- you may simply lose him or her to another firm instead of starting the negotiation process.

Check out the full article on improving the hiring process for more tips. Leave any suggestions you might have on improving the hiring process in the comments below.