Innovation and IT Jobs in San Francisco

Innovation means better IT jobs and a brighter future for technology workers.

What are the latest IT industry trends? What hiring issues are most important to IT staffing managers right now? What tech jobs are hottest, and in what cities?

Robert Half Technology’s senior executive director will answer these questions and more. John Reed regularly meets with RHT’s IT staffing experts in our office locations across the United States, speaks at IT industry conferences, and is regularly quoted in the media. Look for his fresh tech industry insights on our blog every two weeks.

First Up: IT Jobs in San Francisco

Recently, I visited Robert Half Technology’s office in San Francisco. As we all know, the Bay Area is home to some of the world’s greatest tech giants with household names we all recognize.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to chat with our local team about the demand for IT professionals, and I was reminded of how many IT jobs are being created by small- to medium-sized businesses whose leaders have great visions for their companies and are generating truly exciting and innovative IT Jobs.

The stories the San Francisco team told me about many of these organizations, and how they’re using technology to increase their businesses, reinforced the stories we highlighted in our 2014 Salary Guide: Organizations are striving for a better future through innovation. While space limitations in our Guide allowed us to feature only a few companies, there are many more stories of truly inspirational organizations with entrepreneurial spirit, and I applaud them for the good work they do and the IT jobs they create.

If you’re a technology professional looking for your next challenge, keep an open mind and explore all the opportunities the market has to offer. Many companies don’t have the name recognition yet, but with some research you can find out more about who they are and potentially open up new career possibilities for yourself.

If you have a story about starting an IT job with an innovative firm or an emerging company, please share it in the comments section.

Thank you,

John Reed