How to Turn Your Social Profiles into a Single IT Resume Site

Is your curriculum vitae divided among multiple social sites?

A new wave of social resume websites will bring all your profiles together into an attractive IT resume site, with minimal effort and upkeep on your part.

First, let’s take a look at the state of the traditional resume. The Society of Human Resource Managers reports that 53 percent of resumes and job applications contain falsifications, and 70 percent of college students would lie on a resume to get the job they want. Retired executive and Forbes contributor Victor Lipman contrasts these statistics with the “multidimensional portrait of a candidate” presented by social media. Not surprisingly, 90 percent of employers screen for prospective employees online.

Options for the Social IT Resume

The beauty of a social resume is that it does not involve starting over. The content exists and just needs to be woven together in an orderly fashion. Following are two examples of free online services to unify your social profiles: Serves as a gateway into your social accounts as opposed to an ongoing narrative of activities. Though not robust from a technological standpoint, I found the interface to be the most attractive and customizable. Syncs with 10 different social media sites to create a single Web page that can also be downloaded as a PDF. A site can be created in minutes and customization is limited to the color scheme and order of social sites.

Less Effort But Not Effortless

Of course the social IT resume only works if you establish and maintain your social profiles. There is always a risk of tweets and profile updates becoming just another chore. One tip is to find an aspect of social sharing that you enjoy. Are you motivated by sharing professional achievements? Giving updates on a challenging project? Presenting questions and challenges for feedback from others? Find a place – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another -- where bliss and your professional experiences intersect.

Will this be the year when social media profiles replace the traditional resume? I believe we are farther down a continuum that has been in process for some time, but adoption is a tricky animal when it comes to both job candidates and employers. At minimum, a social resume site will make life easier for hiring managers who want to review your online presence.

Do you have an IT resume site that aggregates your social profiles? Have you ever landed a job as a result of social media? Share your experiences here.

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