How to Improve Employee Motivation This Summer

This winter was awfully persistent; in fact, several U.S. cities had one of the worst winters on record! With warmer days making a comeback, your team will likely be thinking about some time off and, as a result, may not be as motivated when it comes to their work.

In fact, a Captivate Network survey found that during the summer months, productivity is down 20 percent and distraction is up 45 percent. With the unofficial start to summer behind us, it’s important for technology managers to anticipate employee time off, warm-weather distractions and overall decreased productivity. Here are some employee motivation tips to keep workloads on track during the longer, warmer days:

  • Organize. With teams often covering responsibilities for vacationing coworkers, it’s important to plan ahead for time off. A shared calendar will do the trick. Team members will be able to anticipate the heavier workload and can better manage their time to complete extra projects.
  • Step up communication. If your company allows IT teams to work remotely, consider increasing your level of communication with them during the summer months. In addition to outlining expectations, consider more frequent check-ins; ask for reports highlighting completed tasks and schedule mandatory face-to-face updates, whether virtually or in person.
  • Do something different. In some instances, the summer months mean slower work days. Encourage employees to use the time to tackle to-do lists, start new projects and brainstorm fresh ideas.Hopefully they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and as a result, be more productive.
  • Adjust schedules. Summer Fridays are not the norm and in fact, they’re considered a perk. If possible, consider offering a flexible schedule for employees during the summer months. That way, employees can enjoy their weekend a bit early and hopefully return to work feeling recharged.
  • Bring in reinforcements. Consider hiring an IT contractor to augment your team during staff vacations as a way to prevent remaining employees from feeling overworked.

Avoid burnout and keep employee motivation high by encouraging your IT team to take some time off this summer. Hopefully they’ll return to work refreshed and ready to tackle new projects.  

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