How — and Why — to Deliver Microsoft SharePoint Training

Microsoft SharePoint training can help your employees take advantage of the full potential of this business application.

Microsoft SharePoint, first launched in 2001, resides in an interesting place among enterprise software applications. It essentially predates the tidal wave of data analytics tools used in today’s corporate environments. And even though SharePoint offers a host of state-of-the-art features, some users view it as a legacy tool in the face of more recently released applications. About 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies currently use Microsoft SharePoint for document management and web-based business development. Yet Microsoft SharePoint usage often doesn’t reach its full potential in many organizations due to employees’ lack of knowledge about the web application platform, lack of guidance from management on how to use it effectively, or both. That’s a problem for an application so central to business operations. Microsoft SharePoint training can help your employees take one of today’s most popular business applications to new heights. There are a variety of approaches to delivering Microsoft SharePoint training to your staff; each offers a different set of tools and matches a different list of needs.

Microsoft SharePoint Training Delivery Options

Here’s a brief rundown of the SharePoint training options: Online tutorials For companies seeking cost-effective options for Microsoft SharePoint training, online tutorials can be great tools. There are many online training portals. One from Listly, for example, compiles a choice selection of online guides, video tutorials and certification programs. Another from offers an engaging and informative tutorial that provides many of the essentials to Microsoft SharePoint use. Conferences If you have the budget to send your employees to a dedicated Microsoft SharePoint training session, it can be a way to drive interest and engagement in a technology they may have lost the spark for. The advantage here is threefold:

  • First and foremost, learning from the pros firsthand can be a particularly effective method of training. Many people respond best when then can see concepts in action and ask questions about their application.
  • Conferences also keep your users apprised of the latest SharePoint developments or those that are on the horizon.
  • The most beneficial aspect could be the opportunity for your team to network with users from other organizations. Picking their brains about tricks, tips and best practices — as well as establishing a group of contacts that your staff can turn to in the future — is invaluable.

Check out this list of upcoming Microsoft SharePoint training seminars and conferences from SharePoint Academy from Protiviti also has some great training options.

In-house development

Bringing in an expert to give your employees Microsoft SharePoint training is another option. More focused, hands-on instruction delivered in your business environment may help your employees internalize the instruction and put it to good use faster. Offering your staff members different options for Microsoft SharePoint training also helps to accommodate their different learning styles. Employees who learn better by watching someone else at work can opt for video training, for example. Or if they like to work toward a specific goal, a certification program could give them a carrot while increasing their SharePoint knowledge along the way. Want to more Microsoft SharePoint training options? Robert Half Technology offers registered candidates access to online courses in SharePoint and other in-demand technologies. Learn more about our IT training.