Hiring Tech Talent? Get IT Salary Trends for Hot Tech Jobs in 2014

Hiring managers filling technology positions in the current market don’t have an enviable job. It’s challenging to figure out what IT salary will entice top tech candidates to your firm.

To boot, it’s an especially competitive market for hiring skilled technology pros such as mobile app developers, business intelligence analysts and software engineers. So, what’s the right IT salary to offer a highly skilled candidate? In most cases, more than last year. According to a recent article by John Reed, Robert Half Technology’s Senior Executive Director, hiring managers can expect to pay even more in 2014:

“According to the 2014 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, companies are offering technology candidates, on average, 5.6 percent more than they did in 2013. If you’re trying to fill the most in-demand technology jobs, you can expect salary requirements to be even higher than that in the new year.”

Reed gives an overview of some positions with the biggest starting IT salary increases. In addition, there are some great tips on “wowing” candidates, including:

  • If you can’t give a high enough IT salary, offer a performance-based bonus or raise after six months on the job
  • Offer ample opportunities to learn and grow
  • Give generous family leave and paid time off
  • Highlight perks such as paid housecleaning or dry-cleaning services

Hiring is only the first step in the process, of course. You want to take the long-term view. To that end, there are also some great tips about retaining your best and brightest tech pros:

“Reassess pay levels frequently. Catch up on IT salary surveys every year. Read trade journals and attend business group meetings to learn more about what other companies are offering to employees. Then, aim to be one notch ahead of them.”

You’ll want to check out the full article if you’re filling technology jobs in 2014 and trying to determine the right IT salary for each position.