Hiring a Java Programmer? Stay Competitive with Salaries

Are you in the process of hiring for a Java programmer? If so, you may be finding it difficult to recruit the right person. There’s a high demand for Java programmers, and that means that top candidates can be choosy.

Money is only one factor in recruiting top talent, but it is an important one. It’s essential to ensure that your Java programmer salary offerings are in line with those of your competitors. If your salaries pale in comparison to others, so will your recruiting efforts.

Experience counts

John Asdell, branch manager at Robert Half Technology in San Diego, California, says that on average, a junior Java programmer salary starts at approximately $85,000. A senior Java programmer with seven-plus years of experience will typically start at around $120,000. “There are also additional skills and experience that can drive salaries up,” Asdell says. “For example, experience with native android development for mobile applications can add a couple of thousand to the offer.” The Robert Half Technology Salary Guide is a good place to find compensation information on these positions and more.

Preparing the offer

Once you’ve decided on a candidate, follow these four tips:

  1.  Don’t delay. Extend the offer right away. If you wait even a day or two, the candidate could accept another offer, especially if his or her skills are in high demand.
  2.  Make it stand out. Put together an attractive compensation package. Do some research to ensure the offer is competitive.
  3.  Show how you’re an employer of choice. Spotlight the perks your company offers, such as flex hours or training options. Include information about pay raises, bonuses or other common incentives, such as profit sharing or stock plans, in your offer.
  4. Be ready to find the middle ground. Prepare to negotiate. The candidate may have another offer or two on the table.

The takeaway here is to be prepared and do your homework. Take advantage of hiring resources and make sure that you’re well-versed on Java programmer salary expectations before you get to the hiring process. Once you’re ready, make an offer they can’t refuse.