Filling IT Positions? Here’s How to Make the Technology Hiring Process Easier

Any IT hiring manager can tell you it’s a candidate’s market. Trying to find the most in-demand talent such as mobile app developers or software engineers, for example, can be especially challenging.

In Robert Half Technology’s most recent hiring index, 16 percent of CIOs surveyed said they plan to expand their IT teams in the first half of 2014 – that’s up from 11 percent in the previous six months.

Given the current challenges, hiring managers can use all the help they can get. An article by John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology, gives some great pointers on how to streamline the technology hiring process. Tips include:

  • Make two lists: One with essential technical skills required for the position, and one with essential qualities team members must possess (specific soft skills, for example) to be a success on your team.
  • Be prepared. Have a list of questions ready before the interview and ask the same ones of every applicant so you can compare answers later.
  • Have experts meet experts: If you’re interviewing a web developer, make sure you have him or her meet up with a developer on your team. They’ll know the right technical questions to ask.
  • Don’t have too many people involved in the hiring process. Just have the right people involved – and then make the final decision yourself.

Check out the full article for more tips on streamlining the technology hiring process. You’ll also want to see this post on hiring for the hottest IT jobs for extra tips on wooing the most in-demand IT pros.