Expand Your Network: Consider Joining Women in Technology International


If you’ve been following our special blog series that examines how women in technology are helping to drive the future of the industry, you know we’re providing our readers with optional “assignments” at the end of every post. These action items are intended to motivate people to think about how they, as individuals, can help to grow women’s influence in the tech sector.

For the first assignment, we suggested that readers join a professional network or membership association that actively promotes the advancement of women in technology. If you haven’t yet completed this assignment, but would like to do so, we have a recommendation for you: Consider becoming a member of Women in Technology International (WITI).

WITI, founded in 1989 as The International Network of Women in Technology, has a mission “to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.” (Learn about WITI founder Carolyn Leighton here.) The global organization has more than 167,000 members and a diverse advisory board.

Making connections

Robert Half Technology is a corporate member of WITI, and a number of Robert Half employees are members of the organization.

Megan Almand, senior account executive for Robert Half Technology in Dallas, Texas, recently joined WITI. She specializes in placing professionals in enterprise technology services, enterprise resource planning and big data roles.

Almand’s colleague in Dallas, Haleigh Shortnacy, is a senior recruiter with Robert Half Technology. She also focuses on connecting technology professionals with enterprise technology services and big data positions.

“Haleigh and I joined WITI so we could be part of an organization that promotes women in the IT industry,” Almand says. “It’s very rewarding to personally connect with such influential women. We can gain valuable insight on how we can grow in our careers — and as people — by learning from the years of experience and accomplishments of these women. Likewise, we hope we can do the same for others in the organization.”

Shortnacy adds, “When I learned of Robert Half Technology’s commitment to WITI, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved, too. I plan to use this membership to better connect and network with people within the big data space.”

Ester Frey, vice president for technology staffing services for Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group in Seattle, Wash., also recently became a member of WITI. She says WITI and organizations like it provide essential support to women in the IT profession, and underscore to employers the value of promoting diversity in the tech workforce.

“Women have unique opportunities to broaden the diversity of any technology team,” she says. “And diversity typically creates better products, as everyone brings different perspectives and problem-solving skills to the table.”

Frey adds, “It’s so difficult for employers to fill IT positions today. Tapping under-represented groups in the workforce for talent, and making sure women have exposure to tech opportunities and training, just makes business sense.”

Get involved

Interested in becoming a member of WITI? You can register here.

Select the “One Year Membership” option under “Individual Membership” and save $50 by using promo code rhi50mem.

Don’t forget: The second assignment we presented to our readers in a previous post is to add at least two people to your professional network who you believe can help further your career in technology. By joining a professional organization like WITI, you increase your chances of connecting with new people who could become valuable additions to your business network.

If you become a member of WITI, or another organization that actively promotes the advancement of women in technology, let us know about your experiences in the comments section below. We’d like to hear from you!