Don't Be ‘Fooled’ in the Job Search

Sometimes, the job you're offered isn't the one you get. When I was hired for one of my earliest positions I was told by the hiring manager that I'd spend most of my time writing promotional copy for a gaming company. Instead, the bulk of the job involved ordering food for the firm and doing personal errands for the CEO.

I didn't stay long, and a new Robert Half survey suggests I'm not alone in my experience: Forty-one percent of U.S. workers said they have taken a job that turned out to be different from what they thought it would be during the interview process.

The tech market is hot and some lucky IT professionals are assessing multiple job offers. While every position will have something unexpected -- and there's no way to guarantee what the job responsibilities will be before you accept an offer -- this post by Robert Half's Katie Evans has some great tips on how not to be "tricked" in a job search:

No Laughing Matter: Avoid Being ‘Fooled’ in the Job Search.

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