Demand for Tech Talent

Starting pay for many IT positions will increase in 2015.

Watching the snow fly in New York when just yesterday it was 55 degrees and sunny - how quickly things can change.

That phrase certainly lends itself to what’s happening in technology. I continue to see organizations looking to technology as a way to gain or maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Yet, technology, in and of itself is only half of the equation. Without the tech talent to implement and execute on technology initiatives, projects stall, fail, exceed budget or result in some undesirable outcome.

In a climate where unemployment for many tech positions is under 3 percent (U.S.), the game has changed and organizations who are identifying IT subject matter experts on the front end are winning. We continue to see companies focused on technology initiatives without the key resources in place to execute and implement the project successfully. It has become commonplace to see many of the roles associated with these technology initiatives open for 10, 12, 16 weeks and longer.

The Battle for Tech Talent Requires a New Approach

As a technology leader responsible for technology initiatives, acknowledging the true market supply and demand for tech talent is critical to creating the urgency you need to compete and win the battle for technology talent. The quicker you identify the skills essential to the projects’ success and begin the recruiting process, the better you’re positioned for success.

While the headlines of 7.3 percent U.S. unemployment apply when considering all jobs in the country, that number doesn’t apply to the majority of IT roles. Talent acquisition is a new ballgame and requires much more advanced pre-planning and execution to be successful with your IT project initiatives.

How quickly things can change…

Thank you,

John Reed